Working Remotely:
- General list of items to check prior to leaving campus, as well as links to support articles offering details on multiple services

Cisco VPN Client:
- A VPN connection is required to access network drives, library resources, etc.
- Make sure you have this installed on whichever device you plan to use off campus
- Instructions for downloading, installing, and configuring the VPN client can be found here:

Connecting to Shared Network Drives from Off Campus:
- A VPN connection is required to connect to shared network drives
- Relevant Network Drive Paths:

  Windows Mac
Home (H:) \\\HawkID smb://
GIS Base Data \\\shared\GIS-Data\ smb://

Virtual Desktop:
- Provides remote access to many University-licensed Windows applications from anywhere without having to obtain and install the software on your own computer
- List of applications available (includes ArcGIS):