ArcGIS Online:
ArcGIS Online is the web-based GIS solution from ESRI.  It can be used for content creation and analysis, web-mapping and dashboards, data hosting, or simply for licensing other ESRI products (ArcGIS Pro).  If you are licensed for Pro through the university you automatically have a login through our organization @

License and Software Downloads:
For individuals: Please contact and include your university email address (if emailing from an outside account) and your HawkID. 

For classes: Please provide a spreadsheet to with the requested user's names (first and last), university email address, and HawkIDs.  

Transferring Data / Leaving the University:
When you leave the university your account and license will be removed. If you would like to keep a copy of any of your data, web-maps, or storymaps, you may use the ArcGIS Assistant to migrate content between accounts. (this will require you setup a personal account, or have a new professional account to migrate to).  If you have content that you would like to continue to be hosted by the University, please contact with details.

Every user receives an allotment of ESRI "credits" for use in completing various credit-based tasks (Network Analysis, Geocoding, online data storage, etc.). If you plan on using more credits than your allotment, or you exceed your allotment, please contact us at

- For help logging in to ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Online: PDF.

ArcGIS Online Tools:
To access the extended tools in ArcGIS Online, click the gridded dots icon to the left of your account info in the top right corner of ArcGIS Online (highlighted in picture below). 

AGO Tools