ArcGIS Pro:
The full version of ArcGIS Pro is available to all faculty, staff, and students as part of our University-wide site license.  As Pro is licensed to the user, as opposed to the machine, you may use your license anywhere, on campus, or off.  This does require internet access as you sign-in to use your license via the cloud. To read more about ArcGIS Pro and associated extensions, see the ESRI ArcGIS Pro, or Resources Pages

License and Software Downloads*:
For individuals: Please contact and include your university email address (if emailing from an outside account) and your HawkID. 

For classes: Please provide a spreadsheet to with the requested user's names (first and last), university email address, and HawkIDs.  

Once you are licensed, users may download the ArcGIS Pro software: HERE. Please do not attempt to download direct from ESRI as that request will be denied.

Every user receives an allotment of ESRI "credits" for use in completing various credit-based tasks (Network Analysis, Geocoding, online data storage, etc.). If you plan on using more credits than your allotment, or you exceed your allotment, please contact us at

Leaving the University:
When you leave the university your account and license will be removed. Please plan accordingly. 

- If you need to use Pro offline, please contact
- For information on trainings for ArcGIS Pro, see our Trainings page.
- Does not require VPN or network access. 

If you are attempting to install ArcGIS Pro 3.x and are receiving the error requiring that .NET Desktop Runtime 6 be installed.  Please see the following technical documentation and downloads page.  Here is a direct link to the .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.13 installer.