Notice: our licensing for ArcGIS for Desktop will end on August 1, 2024. You may not be able to use this software after that point.


All ESRI Software is Windows based.
If you are running a Mac please see the virtual desktop or open source sections below:

Software @ITS: 
Information Technology Services (ITS) ESRI Service Center
ITS Campus Software Program - ESRI

ArcGIS Pro:
- ArcGIS Pro is available to all faculty, staff, and students.
- Pro is licensed to the user, as opposed to the machine, via ArcGIS Online.
- Does not require VPN or network access.
- To receive a license for ArcGIS Pro, please contact
- Once you are licensed, you can download the ArcGIS Pro software: HERE.                                                        

ArcGIS Online:
- ArcGIS Online is available to all faculty, staff, and students.
- To receive a license for ArcGIS Online, please contact

Virtual Desktop:
- Provides remote access to many University-licensed Windows applications from anywhere without having to obtain and install the software on your own computer.
- List of applications available (includes ArcGIS):

Open Source:
- Starting resource for open source geospatial resources.

Specialty Software: 
- There are a number of additional GIS (or related) software packages on campus that may be available to use. If you have questions about specific availability or access, please email


End of Life:
ArcGIS for Desktop:

- ArcGIS for Desktop is no longer be licensed on-campus beginning August 1, 2024.
- The software will reach end-of-life in 2026. 
- It is available until this point, but it is strongly suggested users switch to ArcGIS Pro.
- Until August 1, 2024, on-campus machines may continue to use the license server.
- If needed, you can download the ArcGIS for Desktop software: HERE.